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Love Theme in the Kite Runner

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Essay Preview: Love Theme in the Kite Runner

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Love Theme in The Kite Runner

The Relationship between Amir and Hassan

Hassan was loyal to Amir through everything because that is the personality he was born with, because he grew up with Amir and looked up to him as a brother a friend, not because he was born a Hazara and not simply because he was Amir's servant. Amir never asked Hassan to do anything like that for him. This accentuated Hassan's love and loyalty for Amir out of his own free will.

When discovering that Hassan was Baba's son, everything became clear to Amir: Baba's affections for Hassan, Hassan's undying love for his half-brother. Amir's sibling rivalry and jealousy of Hassan, Amir's betrayal of Hassan his own flesh and blood. It all just hit at once.

In Sorabh, Amir saw a chance of redemption to Baba, whom he had stolen a son (Hassan) from and to Hassan whom he had also stolen a son from after indirectly causing Hassan's death. Sorabh was everything Amir needed in his life to complete it or to simply move on.

Share moments of friendship

But amir demeans him

The Relationship between Amir and Baba

Amir constantly feels as if he has to earn his father's love. He yearns for it so much that he is constantly trying to excel in whatever he does. Also, he shows even jealousy towards Hassan at times because he wants his father's love all for himself. He does not see that his father's cares for Hassan because he is in fact another son of his.

After they come to America baba becomes more affectionate however. As opposed to in Afghanistan where he was

Male male relationship stronger than the male female relationship

Soraya's character is not quite developed

But the mother son relationship- mother can only act as mother when she is not sexual almost?

Soraya cannot have children and sonaubar only acts as a mother when she is distorted later on in the novel.



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