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Are Humans Good or Evil?

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Essay Preview: Are Humans Good or Evil?

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Thomas Hobbes stated in his book Leviathan that humans are by nature evil. People are greedy and selfish, and life is nasty, short, and brutal. Hobbes was an educated man who used examples of past events to prove that humans are by nature evil. Even today we can see examples of humans being evil. In history there have been many instances when people have been evil. Dictators who oppress there people, governments corrupt there power, and innocent people are killed, showing that humans are by nature evil.

For hundreds of years dictators have ruled over people treating them harshly and unfairly. Stollin, a Russian dictator, believed in communism, but his evil human nature corrupted the system and he took advantage of everyone else. He told everyone that they were equal, but in the end he made himself more powerful than everyone else because he was greedy and selfish. Hitler, a German dictator, killed millions of people because he didn't think they deserved to live. He had a huge following of people which shows that not only was he evil, but all of the people who agreed with his opinions were also evil. Russalini was another dictator from Italy who took advantage of his people. Dictators are an example of humans being evil by nature, but a dictatorship is not the only form of government that can be evil.

Monarchies, democracies, and other bureaucracies can be corrupt and unfair to the people they control. Democracies are supposed to be fair and even for everyone because everyone gets a chance to vote for who they want to lead them. When the people elect an evil person to lead them this shows that the people agree with the opinions of an evil person. President Nixon was president of the United States and he corrupted his power and committed crimes that forced him to resign from office. The American people elected this man even though he was not a good person. President Johnson was also elected and was impeached for breaking the law, and the same thing happened with President Clinton. Charles I was overthrown and killed by his own people because he was an evil ruler. Wu Zhao from China killed her own children to stay in power. All of these people back up the idea that by nature humans are evil.

Even today innocent people are killed by terrorists, shootings, car crashes, etc. The World Trade Center was blown up by terrorists who thought that Americans do not have a right to live. Only and evil person thinks that someone else doesn't



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